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Fossils Park- A Geological heritage


Park's Name

Sonebhadra fossils park.
Salkhan, Sonebhadra.

Location Situated on main Road Varansi - Shaktinagar road.
12 km. from Robertsganj
Age of fossils

1400 million Year

Importance Larger then National Yellow Stone Naional park ,USA.
Type of fossils

algee, Stromotolites

Innaguration 8th August, 2002 by Mr. Bhagawan shankar, I.A.S.,
District Magistrate, Sonebhadra.
Property Kaimoor wild life divison Mirzapur (Dalla range) .
Area 25 Hect.
Reasearch work

1933-- Mr.Auden.
1958-- Mr. Mathur.
1965-- Mr. Mathur.
1980-- Prof. S.kumar.

  1981-- Prof. S.kumar.
2002-- 42 Scientists of whole world.
2004-- Dr. Mukund sharma.


23,August, 2001.A news published in News paper- HINDUSTAN HINDI DAILY,   written by Journlist  Mr. Vijay shankar Chaturvedi.


Uncovered Stone by
Sh. Bhagwan Shanker,DM
Audience, On the Occasion of Inauguration ceremony Fossils Inspection by
Mr. Sunil Dubey DFO and
Sh. Bhagwan Shanker,DM

Foreign Scientist in Fossils Park, Salkhan, 05-Dec-2002

Fossils Park -2
Situated at Jatashankar Hill Village Bargawa Chopan , Distt. Sonbhadra

The Pioneer
Dated 3ed June 2004-Page-2

ANOTHER FOSSIL park was discovered in Sonebhadra disrtrict recently. Over 150-crore-year-old fossils were found in Badagaon village under the Chopan Vikas Khand. The fossils are greater in number than those found in the park of Salkhan village.

            After identification and discovery of one more fossil park in Sonebhadra district. the district has found its place not only in Uttar Pradesh but also on the world map. The district has this honour as two fossil parks were found in a district and a Vikas Khand. Now the Sonebhadra district is being considered as a lucky place where the first evidence of life on earth was found. After the discovery of a large number of fossils there, the possibility of finding hydrocarbon. uranium and phosphorite has increased.

            The new fossil park of Badagaon was discovered when Dr. Mukund Sharma, a scientist of the Birbal Sahani Institute in Lucknow, and Vijay Shankar Chaturvedi, a journalist, were at the fossil park in Salkhan village.

            In the meantime, a shepherd came there and asked them to follow him. They reached Jata Shankar Pahari of Badagoan village and observed that the fossils of Salkhan and Badagaon villages were similar.

            Later, they came to the conclusion that these fossils were stramatolite and were over 150-crore-year-old. After studying and research, the fact came to light that the geologist John Oadon had accepted the presence of fossils but did not brief the people about their creation. He described these fossils as lime-stone.

Dr. Mukund Sharma said that the discover of fossils in Salkhan and Badagaon villages would help in counting the days of a solar year.


 Journalist Vijay Shankar Chaturvedi said that the government should ensure the safety of fossils in Badagaon and Salkhan villages.

 He said that the scientists had proved that the fossils of Sonebhadra were bigger and older than those found in the Yellowstone National Park of America.

 Incumbent District Magistrate Bhagwan Shankar inauguarated the fossils of Salkhan village on August 8, 2002, and laid the foundation-stone on December 5, 2002.

 In all 42 famous scientists from different parts of the world visited Sonebhadra district and appreciated its beauty. They said that it was a nature's gift.



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